Bemberg Estate



Region of production



La Consulta, Uco Valley




Mild; harsh winters and warm summers with cool nights

Soil composition

Superficial sandy layer overlying sedimentary rocks with high calcium carbonate content


Finca El Tomillo: 92 hectares owned, 64 hectares of which are currently in production / Finca El Milagro: 100 hectares owned, 82 hectares of which are currently in production


Sustainable viticulture

Production Volume

70% white wine, 30% red wine

Varieties Grown

Cabernet Franc , Cabernet Sauvignon , Malbec, Mourvedre , Semillon, Syrah

Ages of Vines

17-year old vines

Behind the Wines

Marcelo Belmonte

Finca El Tomillo benefits from the expertise of vineyard director Marcelo Belmonte. Marcelo oversees every aspect of agricultural operations from seasonal vineyard work, to long-term strategic planning, to the introduction of new vineyard technologies. Marcelo brings with him a wealth of experience garnered in vineyards throughout Argentina – from Mendoza, to San Juan, Salta, Catamarca, and Buenos Aires. Marcelo studied agricultural engineering in Cuyo, Argentina before attending the prestigious University of California, Davis where he obtained a Masters degree in Viticulture.

Distinguished Terroir, Distinctive Wines

The Uco Valley is known for its dry, continental climate. Rainfall is scarce during the growing season. When the team discovered a water source on their new property they decided to name the land: El Milagro (the miracle).
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Marcelo Belmonte saw the vineyard design clearly in his head as soon as he stepped on the property. His vision was born taking into consideration the natural vegetation of the site. By examining how different plants had evolved across the arid landscape over thousands of years, his team, in conjunction with local scientists, was able to better understand the soil and micro-climate variations.

“The estate’s original name was ‘La Tupungatina’…we renamed it ‘El Tomillo’ because of the abundance of wild ‘tomillo’ (thyme) that gives a unique aromatic expression to the wine.”

-       Marcelo Belmonte, Vineyard Director


The depth of the gravel layer was then measured with a soil penetrometer in thousands of spots across the property, to create a highly precise soil map. This precious tool was instrumental in determining what grape varieties, clones, and rootstocks to plant, as well as the planting densities and many other considerations.


The warm summer days and cool nights that characterize the Uco Valley’s growing season give intense ripe fruit and vibrant acidity to the region’s wines. A signature floral perfume is also commonly found here. The ‘El Tomillo’ vineyards are particularly distinct with their wild thyme and diverse soils adding complex earthy, herbal aromas.

Finca El Milagro is located in the La Consulta area and sits at 1130 above sea level. This lofty height brings a cooling affect that allows the region’s wines to maintain vibrant acidity.The combination of high altitude, intense sunshine, and sandy soils yields expressive wines that ably balance finesse and power. On the palate, these full-bodied, structured wines are wonderfully fresh with velvety tannins. Aromas and flavours of ripe black fruits are lifted by signature notes of wild violets.


With just under 30 hectares still to plant, Finca El Tomillo has big plans for the future. The team intends to inverse the current emphasis on white wine, to focus on majority red wine production. The new vineyard currently being planted will consist of the red grape varieties: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.


“I remember tasting La Linterna Malbec La Consulta 2013 the first time. Even if we knew La Consulta’s potential, I was surprised by its delicacy, elegance and power.”

-       Marcelo Belmonte, Vineyard Director