Bodegas Luis Cañas



Region of production



Rioja Alavesa




Continental with significant Atlantic influence.

Soil composition

Terraces of chalky clay.


280 hectares owned; 200 additional hectares farmed.


Sustainable viticulture.

Production Volume

88% red wine, 12% white wine.

Varieties Grown

Grenache Noir , Tempranillo Noir

Ages of Vines

46 years-old.

Behind the Wines

Juan Luis Cañas

In 1989, Juan Luis Cañas took up the reigns of his family winery. Under his inspired leadership, the bodegas has gone from strength to strength. Well-known for their fruity young wines, Juan Luis introduced the concept of barrel ageing to expand the estate’s range into more complex, age-worthy Reserva and Gran Reserva styles. In 1994, Juan Luis built a state-of-the-art winery to further enhance quality. He was also one of the first in the region to start sorting grapes in the vineyard as well as upon arrival at the winery. This ensures that only the healthiest, fully ripened grapes make the cut.

A Leading Light in Rioja Alavesa

Bodegas Luis Cañas has a history stretching back four generations. In the early days, Carlos Cañas produced cosecheros (young wines) that he sold in bulk through-out the region with the aide of a mule and cart. The transition to bottled wine came about in 1970, under the leadership of Carlos’ son Luis.

“All our wines need to retain their fruitiness and the touch of minerals that define the earth in this particular corner of the world…this gives our wines a very specific personality." - Juan Luis Cañas

The Heart of Rioja Alavesa

As the northernmost of Rioja’s three sub-regions, Rioja Alavesa is the closest to the Atlantic Ocean. This, plus the high altitude of plantings makes Rioja Alavesa the coolest area of Rioja. Planted on slopes and terraces of chalky-clay, Bodegas Luis Cañas boasts vineyards with an ideal microclimate and perfect sun exposure. The vines produce low yields and small clusters leading to incredibly concentrated, flavourful wines.

A Legacy of Healthy Vines

The use of herbicides and synthetic fertilisers is strictly prohibited at Bodegas Luis Cañas. The winery’s permanent field team is made up of an agricultural engineer, a technical agronomist, an oenologist, and 8 highly skilled workers, who all share a common goal. Their aim is to obtain vines with strong immune systems, capable of defending themselves against disease. According to Juan Luis Cañas, this is the greatest legacy they can leave future generations.

Precise Barrel Maturation

The use of American oak barrels has long been a distinctive feature of Rioja wines. At Bodegas Luis Cañas, French oak is also used to temper the potent vanilla, coconut flavours derived from American oak, and to impart greater finesse and structure to the wines. All barrels are replaced after three years to ensure that the aromatic impact of the oak, and its gentle oxidative effect, remain optimal.

A Caring Company

Bodegas Luis Cañas is the estate of choice for Rioja’s seasonal vineyard workers. In 2006, the winery built lodgings to house 40 agricultural workers during the growing and harvest period. As well as sleeping and rest room areas, the facility includes a laundry, industrial kitchen, and infirmary. These living conditions far exceed the region’s norm. In 2008, Bodegas Luis Cañas received the prestigious “Caring Company” award by Spanish magazine Dato Económico.