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The Denomination of Origin Catalunya extends across the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees. It covers almost 50,000 hectares of vitivinicultural surface area distributed among over 300 municipal districts of Catalonia, becoming a characteristic element inherent to its landscapes, its diet, its inhabitants and its culture.

The geographical scope of the DO Catalunya has a Mediterranean climate overall, with many hours of sunlight (>2,500 hours/year), with mild, dry winters and summers that are not too hot. The spring and autumn tend to be the most unstable and rainy seasons. In the pre-coastal and coastal areas, the sea breezes push back the heat of the sun, making it more intense towards the interior. On the coast the climate is milder and more temperate, with temperatures that rise from north to south, in contrast with rainfall. The interior, distant from the sea, has a Mediterranean continental climate with cold winters and hot summers.

The predominant soils in the DO Catalunya are sedimentary limestone deposits, poor in organic material and with medium texture.

The 2,000 years of viticulture in Catalonia have made possible a wide range of autochthonous or traditional varieties, but in recent decades other foreign varieties have been incorporated, perfectly adapted to our climate and lands, producing wines of excellent quality.

In total, the DO Catalunya has 35 grape varieties authorised for wine production.

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