Col Solare



Region of production



Red Mountain




Dry, with major temperature variations between day and night

Soil composition

Sandy soil ranging from light to compact, with high concentrations of calcium carbonate and a high pH. Well drained.


60 hectares used for production



Production Volume

132,600 bottles; 100% reds

Varieties Grown

Cabernet Franc , Cabernet Sauvignon , Malbec, Merlot, Syrah

Ages of Vines

10 years

Behind the Wines

Darel Allwine

Upon retiring from the U.S. Air Force, the aptly-named Darel Allwine returned to his native Washington to dedicate himself to the art of winegrowing. He learned the ropes—and quickly made a name for himself—at Columbia Crest before joining Col Solare as their winemaker, first working alongside Marcus Notaro and then on his own as of 2013.

With a sensational red mountain come exceptional red wines

Nestled in the Columbia Valley, the Col Solare winery is home to one of the best plots in the region for growing Bordeaux reds, including Cabernet Sauvignon.

Meeting in the desert

Col Solare is the result of a partnership between Château Ste. Michelle, the oldest winegrowing estate in Washington, and Tuscan winery Marchesi Antinori. The coming together of two leaders in the field and two pools of expertise has led to the creation of a winery that is nothing short of spectacular.

American soil, Italian approach

Not only did Antinori give the operation its Italian name — literally “shining hill” — it also endowed the vineyard with expert know-how on vine planting. In this barren landscape bathed in abundant sunshine, nurturing grapes under the blazing sun is a true science. As in Umbria and Tuscany, the vine stocks have been aligned with the movement of the sun. Col Solare vintners adhere to the Antinori philosophy, which revolves around simplicity, versatility and efficiency in the pursuit of quality.

A small but grandiose appellation

The Red Mountain appellation covers a mere 240 hectares, but it is said to be the warmest in Washington, with the sun heating the land all the way through to dusk. Abundant light and warm southerly winds combined with cool nights and controlled irrigation create the perfect conditions for grapes to ripen, concentrating their flavour and tannins. At Col Solare, the 2011 vintage was the first to bear this appellation.

Meeting Allwine

In April 2016, we had the chance to visit the signature Col Solare winery and discover the superb 2007, 2009 and 2010 vintages in the company of winemaker Darel Allwine. Tasting these wines and assessing their exceptional quality, including their ageing potential, while watching the sun set over the valley was a truly unforgettable experience. And a revelation.