Corsica is a rich land that will surprise you

With a total surface area of 8,680 square kilometres, Corsica is a rich land that will surprise you with its 9 AOPs, which include the Cru, Village and Régionale types, as well as a specific appellation for vins doux naturels (sweet wines). The distinct character of Corsican wines stems from the remarkable indigenous grape varieties. The refined mosaic of grapes includes three that are recognized as Corsica’s best: Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu and Vermentinu.


This variety has helped build the reputation of Patrimonio wines. It is suitable for limestone soils and is grown in eastern Corsica and in some of the other appellations on the island.

Niellucciu provides a deep red robe to wines and imparts elegance, density and bouquet. “Rabbit fur and licorice on the nose” with aromas of red berries and violets, woody notes, and hints of spice and maquis flowers as it ages.


This uniquely Corsican grape variety gets its name from the adjective sciaccarellu, a word derived from the "crunch" of the raisin skin when chewed. It dominates the granite rock portions of the island, especially around Ajaccio and Sartène, where it produces highly refined wines.

Aristocratic, supple reds with discreetly coloured robes and a remarkably peppery bouquet featuring red berries, spices, coffee and maquis flowers.


Also known locally as Malvoisie, Vermentinu is used to make high-quality whites that are among the best along the Mediterranean coast.

These distinctive dry whites offer impressive volume, strong flavour and often high alcohol content. Their pale robe has yellow-green tones. On the nose there are aromas of flowers, apples and almonds.



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