Daniel Pi Wines



Region of production







Dry to semi-arid, with major temperature differences between day and night

Soil composition

Alluvial soil with rocky sub-soil. Presence of sand, silt and clay.


Imperfecto: 20 hectares
Tres 14: 6 hectares



Production Volume

4,500 bottles, primarily reds

Varieties Grown

Cabernet Franc , Malbec, Merlot, Sangiovese

Ages of Vines

8 to 20 years

Behind the Wines

Daniel Pi

He is certainly one of the most talented and knowledgeable oenologists in Argentina, with a remarkable career and an internationally respected reputation. As the lead oenologist at Trapiche, he also makes his own vintages under his own name.

Great, symbolic wines

Daniel Pi, who manages operations at Trapiche, produces outstanding garage wines under his own name. Made with Malbec and Cabernet Franc, they’re cultivated without any machinery, and offer incredible texture complemented with spicy clove and vanilla on the nose, and a dense and full-bodied palate.

Meeting with a passionate oenologist

We met Daniel Pi in February 2015. He gave us a tour of his vines and Trapiche’s historic cellar in Mendoza. It was a day marked with generosity. We were given the opportunity to try the creations produced by this man who, we discovered, was not just the estate’s oenologist, but also the vintner behind his own vintages. A revelation.

The biodynamic dream

As the lead oenologist of a huge estate comprising several vineyards, Daniel dreamed of growing grapes on small plots, using artisanal methods to develop wines marked with the character and minerals of the Uco Valley, which lies at the foot of the Andes. Trapiche gave him the chance to produce his own vintages in his free time, with the help of a small team.

The brief story of a perfectly imperfect wine

This team included Daniel’s son, to whom he left written notes indicating what needed to be done during the day, while Daniel was at work at Trapiche. It was a rather unsteady work method, with a high risk of error. “It’s not a big deal if things aren’t done perfectly,” said the oenologist to his son. “We all start by learning.” In the end, their first vintage was critically acclaimed, crowning the success of this father-son initiative. The imperfect wine was simply perfect. What better name than “Imperfecto”!

Big numbers, one wine

If anything can be said about Daniel Pi, it’s that he’s a logical thinker with a great sense of humour. When it came time to name his Malbec made from older vines, he chose a moniker known around the world since ancient times: Tres 14. As in 3.14. As in Pi!