Domaine des Varinelles



Region of production

Loire Valley






Temperate, with oceanic influences

Soil composition

Clay-limestone, loam, sandy, flint


42 hectares used for production


Organic (with Ecocert certification)

Production Volume

100,000 bottles, of which 60% are reds

Varieties Grown

Cabernet Franc , Chardonnay, Chenin, Pinot Noir

Ages of Vines

40 years old, on average; the oldest are 116 years old

Behind the Wines

Laurent et Nicolas Daheuiller

Domaine des Varinelles has been a family business for five generations. The vineyards are now owned and operated by a father and son, who act as winemaker and cultivation expert, respectively.

The best of Saumur - Champigny

Domaine des Varinelles is a small but prestigious family-run estate that produces exceptional Saumur and Crémant de Loire.

Happiness in a bottle

Saumur-Champigny wines are made predominantly from Cabernet Franc grapes. Domaine des Varinelles reds owe their spiciness, notes of licorice and hints of raspberry and cherry to this grape. These light-bodied, highly aromatic and easy-to-drink wines are the ideal choice for any celebration. Our experts agree that the Daheuiller family masterfully taps the very best qualities of this variety. Their products are a true embodiment of happiness.

A journey to the Loire Valley

We discovered Domaine des Varinelles wines in 2015, thanks to a knowledgeable Saumur local. "If you visit the Loire Valley, pop in to the Daheuiller estate just outside Varrains village," he recommended. We did just that and were absolutely amazed by the Saumur-Champigny that put Domaine des Varinelles on the map. Making wines of this quality for such a reasonable price is a true art. You might say it was a perfect way to kick off our trip.

A taste sensation

Our tastebuds were once again tantalized by an incredible discovery, the perfectly-crafted 2011 Vieilles Vignes. This Cabernet Franc is grown on vines planted in 1900 and offers hints of wet leather and balsamic notes. A fruit profile of jammy blackberry is reminiscent of brandied cherries. This complex, full-bodied, deep-hued wine is a veritable taste sensation!

Caves used as wine cellars

The historic town of Saumur is situated at the confluence of the Loire and other major rivers. Its early settlements date back to the 1st century. Saumur’s fairytale castle has stood on the hilltop for over a thousand years. It was made of "tuffeau," a type of chalky limestone extracted from the Loire Valley. Tunnels and caves dug out during the mining process have since become wine cellars. Crémant de Loire is aged within the spectacular chalky cellars of Domaine des Varinelles, in a process similar to Champagne. 

Most memorable wine-tasting experience  

“A 1964 Saumur-Champigny shared with Olivier Poussier, France’s best sommelier in 1990 and the world’s best sommelier in 2000. I chose the 1964 vintage because Olivier was born in the same year.” - Laurent Daheuiller