Domaine Franck Millet



Region of production

Loire Valley


Sancerre and Menetou-Salon




Temperate oceanic

Soil composition



23 hectares used for production



Production Volume

180,000 bottles;
80% White Sancerre,
15% Red Sancerre,
5% Rosé Sancerre

Varieties Grown

Pinot Noir , Sauvignon Blanc

Ages of Vines

30 years old, on average

Behind the Wines

Franck Millet

As a wine-grower, wine-maker and agricultural manager, Franck Millet oversees all viticultural production at the estate that bears his name. He is the third generation to operate a vineyard on this land, where he also produces AC Menetou-Salon reds and whites with his wife Betty.

A particularly tasteful setting

Domaine Franck Millet is located in Bué Commune, a small wine-growing village that dates back hundreds of years and offers the perfect conditions for producing outstanding wines.
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Abundant beauty

The diversity of the terroir is what gives the white Sauvignons their mineral notes and the red and rosé Pinot Noirs their impressive depth. The spectacular local terrain features numerous hills, slopes and even a natural crater that shelters the vines while providing exposure to sunlight. The area is characterized by a temperate oceanic climate, but warm winds send the mercury rising. Welcome to Sancerre!

A personal recommendation

How did we chance upon Domaine Franck Millet? We were introduced by Agnès Paquet, a Burgundy-based winemaker who is close friends with Betty Millet, the Sancerre producer in Bué. As with everything in life, nothing is better than a personal recommendation. We first met the Millets at a wine expo in 2015. This led to a visit to their winery, which we quickly concluded was one of the finest in the area.

A breathtaking site

The property owned by Franck and Betty Millet is exceptionally beautiful. One spot in particular caught our eye: a sun-drenched plot with Bué Village as its backdrop. As we wandered through it, we remarked that it would be impossible to make bad wine with grapes grown on such a magical site. To prove our point, their White Sancerre earned the gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Distinguished wines

Franck Millet white Sancerre wines are tremendously precise, with pink grapefruit and white flowers on the nose and brisk, clean acidity. The minerality is a direct reflection of Bué's clay-limestone soil.

How to pair a Sancerre

What better combination than to pair a Sancerre with other locally grown products? Franck recommends his white Sancerre and a salad topped with Crottin de Chavignol (AC) goat cheese and Sancerre ham. That said, since the salinity of this vineyard's wines is reminiscent of the ocean, it is also an excellent match with breaded fish filets and shellfish.