Domaine Vico - Clos Venturi



Region of production



Vin de Corse




Continental and harsh (45°C in summer, –10°C in winter)

Soil composition

Sandstone and blueschist


79 hectares used for production


Clos Venturi : 29 hectares with biodynamic and Haute Valeur Environnementale certification
Domaine Vico: 50 hectares with Haute Valeur Environnementale certification

Production Volume

255 000 bouteilles;
40% reds,
35% rosés,
25% whites

Varieties Grown

Syrah, Vermentino

Ages of Vines

35 years old, on average

Behind the Wines

Manu Venturi

Emmanuel, more affectionately known as Manu, took over from his father Jean-Marc in 2005. The vineyard manager and winemaker describes his work as farming that requires keen observation skills, humility and patience. He has been described as one of the most promising members of the new generation of grape producers in Corsica.

In the heart of Corsica

This vineyard’s wines are known for their richness, character and complexity. Manu Venturi succeeds in coaxing the maximum from his native soil and produces very particular, uniquely Corsican wines.

A vineyard in the sky

A unique location and exceptional soil set the Domaine Vico – Clos Venturi vineyard apart. This is not only the sole winery in central Corsica, but it is also the highest on the island at more than 350 metres above sea level. Could its lofty location have something to do with the vineyard’s consistently high quality?   

Native varieties

Aleatico, Bianco Gentile, Carcajolo Neru, Genovese, Minustellu, Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu, Vermentinu and many other grape varieties with musical names can be found in Manu Venturi’s vineyard, but rarely in continental France. These are all native, or indigenous, Corsican varieties. Thirty years ago, the Venturis and other Corsican wine-producers replaced French vines with native ones in a bid to create uniquely Corsican vintages. Manu has simultaneously fought to ensure the survival of native vines while producing very distinct, world-class wines.

Clos Venturi, our favourite plot

We agree with Manu that the best plot on the estate is Clos Venturi. The white wine produced here ages very well and continually earns awards. It pairs beautifully with grilled fish, balancing fat and firmness. The perfectly-aged Clos Venturi red is mature and pure, with aromas of blackberry and spices and complex end notes.  

Innovative practices

Manu Venturi owes much of his knowledge to his father, but he also constantly seeks to innovate. His admirable wine-making experiments including producing his Chiesa Nera in egg-shaped cement tanks and embracing environmentally sustainable practices to showcase the best of the terroir. Hats off to a young but accomplished wine master.

A return to roots

Clos Venturi vineyard was founded in 1901 by Jean Vico, a visionary who was the first to plant vines at such a high elevation in the mountains. The estate was managed by the Vico family until 1986, when it was bought by Jean-Marc Venturi and his cousin François Acquaviva. Manu joined the team in 2003 and took over from his father two years later. He now has 10 vintages under his belt.