Chardonnay Tradition 2017, Domaine Queylus

  • 104208QC-STK
  • White
  • Chardonnay
  • 2017
  • 750 ml

Chardonnay Tradition 2017, Domaine Queylus

  • 104208QC-STK
  • White
  • Chardonnay
  • 2017
  • 750 ml

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Chardonnay Tradition 2017, Domaine Queylus
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Tasting notes

A bright straw colour with a peach stone nose with hints of citrus, pear and minted honey. Dry and long in the mouth, this sleek Chardonnay has a chalky mineral component and bright balanced acidity on the finish.



Vinification and aging

After a short cold maceration, the naturally-occurring indigenous yeast from the vineyard, make the most complete, textured, complex wines. After the fermentation, when the wine is dry, we leave the young wine ‘On the skins’ for several days/weeks more to fully delicately extract all the aromas, finesse and complexity possible from the grape skins. The wine then naturally goes through malolactic fermentation, and the wine is patiently aged in selected French oak barrels (about a third of which are new) for 16 to 20 months (according to the needs of the particular cuvée and or vintage). To ensure that the terroir is at the forefront of the wine, two-thirds of the cuvée is aged in used barrels from one to four years old. After bottling, the wines are aged a further 6-12 months to develop perfume and round out the velvety mouthfeel.


Our high-density vineyards are planted on silty-clay limestone-laced soils with some sand. The proportions of these elements vary enormously from plot to plot – and the resulting wines have structure, complexity, finesse and minerality – AND a ‘sense of place.’ Each vineyard is cared for by hand, from pruning to hand-harvesting, and the vines are grown organically (as-yet-uncertified) out of respect for the precious, fragile soils of the Niagara Bench and its Terroir. No synthetic herbicides or insecticides are ever used.









Region of production



Niagara Peninsula



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