Familia Torres



Region of production

Conca de Barberà , Penedès




Penedès: Mediterranean, with a wide variety of micro-climates depending on altitude and proximity to the sea.

Soil composition

Penedès: low vigour, well-drained soils of mostly Miocene sediments


More than 800 hectares


Organic & sustainable

Production Volume

Varieties Grown

Cabernet Franc , Cabernet Sauvignon , Chardonnay, Grenache Noir , Merlot, Pinot Noir , Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Tempranillo Noir

Ages of Vines

30 – 50 years old on average

Behind the Wines

Miguel A. Torres

In 2017 Miguel A. Torres was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by The Drinks Business and the Institute of Masters of Wine. In his speech, Torres spoke about a subject dear to his heart; defending the importance of wine. “Wine is something special; it’s culture and something that you share at the table with your family.” Miguel A. Torres headed Familia Torres during many years as General Manager and now as President and was instrumental in elevating the quality of Penedès wines and bringing them to the world stage.

A multi-generational pursuit of excellence

For almost 150 years, the Torres family has worked tirelessly to craft high quality wines in their native Penedès and beyond. They believe in preserving their cultural heritage; working to restore ancient grapes and traditional winemaking practices. They are also dedicated to sustainable practices in all their endeavours, farming their vineyards organically and adhering to a strict policy of fair prices for all grape suppliers.
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 “Our winery is a dream that started almost 150 years ago and that has been passed on from generation to generation…we focus on the long-term…creating projects that express the identity of a place/vineyard that are unique and special.” - Miguel Torres Maczassek, General Manager of Famila Torres

Five Dedicated Generations

Jaime and Miguel Torres founded the winery in 1870. Each subsequent generation has contributed their passion and dedication to the family`s bodega. Third generation, Miguel Torres Carbó, was the first in the region to bottle wine. Quality reached new heights in the fourth generation with the creation of fine, single vineyard wines. Current managers Miguel Torres Maczassek, and his sister Mireia, are the 5th generationand want to have an even bigger focus on single vineyards and unique wines that express the landscape of each wine region that they are passionate about.

Over-Delivering on Quality

The Torres family holds themselves and their wines to the highest possible quality standards. When they are not traveling, Miguel Torres senior, along with his son, daughter, and their winemaking team, meet every Tuesday to taste each blend of every new wine to determine when to bottle. Many might find this “old-fashioned” but the Torres feel they have a responsibility to provide their consumers with the best possible quality of every wine, in every vintage.

Spanish Fine Wine

In 1970, Spain was not known for single vineyard wines. Miguel Torres senior, recently returned from studying oenology and viticulture in Burgundy, convinced his sceptical father to allow him to plant Cabernet Sauvignon. He believed that their Penedès vineyard was of world-class calibre, and that Cabernet would express this most effectively. Mas La Plana was the result. The wine was widely acclaimed; triumphing over many of the best French wines at the famous Gault Millau 1979 Paris tasting. This gave new energy to a whole generation of winemakers who saw that with an innovative spirit and perseverance there were new paths for Spanish wines.

Viticultural Archeologists

The Penedès has a rich viticultural tradition dating back over 2700 years. Before phylloxera ravaged the vineyards, the region was home to a wide range of wine grapes. Miguel and Mireia Torres Maczassek are committed to continue bringing back ancestral varieties and thus restoring their viticultural heritage. 
Research by the family during the past 30 years led to the rediscovery of almost 50 “forgotten” varieties, but only a handful have the potential for making top quality wine. You can actually find 2 of them - Garró and Querol - in the single vineyard wine Grans Muralles. The rest are still in an experimenting phase, but the results are very promising.

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