Region of production







Continental with microclimates; considerable temperature variations; south-western exposure for vines

Soil composition

Stony with sandy soil, gravel and clay


120 hectares



Production Volume

4.6 million bottles, of which 92% are whites and 8% are rosés

Varieties Grown

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Ages of Vines

8 to 15 years old

Behind the Wines

Marcello Lunelli

Winemaker Marcello Lunelli manages his vineyard with the help of family members (Matteo, Camilla and Alessandro) and a squad of agronomists. Some 30 years ago, over 500 family-run vineyards began collaborating with Ferrari, a collective of several different vineyards. They all favour sustainable growing techniques as a means of producing excellent wines and preserving the region’s exceptional terroir.

The best sparkling wines in Italy—and the world

Giulio Ferrari’s perseverance and quest for quality has won him the recognition of sparkling wine aficionados. The Lunelli family kept the tradition alive and in 2015, Ferrari was crowned Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year in London.


From humble workshop to world-class producer

Ferrari sparkling wines are now synonymous with luxury in Italy and all over the world. The who’s who of Hollywood stars enjoyed Ferrari bubbly during the 2015 Emmy Awards. That’s pretty impressive for a business that started out in a little workshop in Trento.

An Italian who loves Champagne

Ferrari’s story is a beautiful, romantic one of an Italian dreamer who moved to France and fell in love with Champagne. When he returned home, he decided to produce his own sparkling Chardonnay using traditional Champagne methods. He would become the first to do so. Ferrari was dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and his wine was immediately met with glowing reviews by wine lovers.

In 1952, Giulio Ferrari chose Bruno Lunelli, a highly successful wine merchant, to take over the winery. During their partnership, Ferrari became a prestigious, world-renowned producer. Lunelli later handed over the management to his sons, who carried on the tradition.

A gem in the mountains

Maso Pianizza, a 12-hectare gem of a vineyard, was planted in 1960 by Mauri Lunelli, Bruno’s son. The vines on this plot, the soil and the climate resulted in the perfect Chardonnay. The plot is 600 metres above sea level, which favours the production of sparkling wine. The vineyard is also surrounded by forest, which creates a micro-climate in which vines flourish. The Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore vintage, which we distribute, comes from this plot.

A sparkling wine for every course

Making different sparkling wines to complement every course is a tall order. However, we discovered that it’s not impossible. While dining at the Michelin-starred Locanda Margon restaurant in 2014, we savoured Ferrari Perlé with a fish first course, elevated a mushroom risotto with Ferrari Perlé Nero and enjoyed Ferrari Riserva Lunelli with veal cheeks. As the meal drew to a close, Ferrari Maximum Demi-Sec perfectly complemented a slice of apple pie. Ferrari proved to be the perfect bubbly dinner companion!

An unforgettable evening of fine wine

“It was during the unveiling of the 1995 Giulio Ferrari Collezione Trentodoc at Larte restaurant in Milan in 2014. After 18 years of ageing on lees, the wine was elegant, fresh and possessed an unrivalled complexity. This prestigious vintage promised to be nothing short of a masterpiece and it did not disappoint.” — Marcello Lunelli