La Scolca



Region of production



Cortese dei Gavi




Temperate maritime, with cold mountain winds and abundant sun

Soil composition

Clay-limestone, volcanic and ferrous, with limestone veins


66 hectares under production



Production Volume

600,000 bottles;
95% white,
with reds and rosés making up the remainder

Varieties Grown

Pinot Noir

Ages of Vines

5 to 60 years

Behind the Wines

Giorgio and Chiara Soldati

This father and daughter team work together at the family vineyard. Chiara is the fifth generation of winegrowers and follows in the footsteps of her great-grandfather while keeping her sights on the future.

Looking ahead, both near and far

La Scolca was the first winery established in Gavi, as well as one of the earliest producers of white wine in Italy. We visited this groundbreaking family-owned operation.

The vineyard is located some 50 kilometres from the sea, in the Rovereto Superiore area of Gavi. Planted on steep hills and caressed by the temperate Mediterranean climate, the Cortese vines—the oldest in the Piedmont region—produce complex wines and some of Italy’s best Grand Crus. 

Bold choices

How might we describe the winemakers at La Scolca? Daring and bold. Indeed, the vineyard’s founder, Giovanni Battista Parodi, charted his own unique course, planting nothing but Cortese on his land at a time when the other growers in the region cultivated nothing but red varieties!

Since then, the winery has implemented and perfected cryomaceration, a technique that involves cold fermentation and the use of natural yeast strains. This helps preserve the fruity quality of the grapes, as well as their minerality and acidity. As a result, La Scolca wines are complex and elegant, effectively showcasing their terroir.   

Simple, authentic, quality

Even though high-tech techniques are used to make the wines, only the most natural methods are employed to grow the grapes that go into them. At La Scolca, the vines are literally pampered for a simple reason: “We need excellent grapes if we want excellent wines,” says Chiara Soldati.

A symbolic tower

Several notable symbols are associated with La Scolca, such as its name, which means “Look carefully” in Italian. Indeed, the property once was an observation post for the neighbouring valleys. With this is mind, it’s no surprise that the winery’s villa is now flanked by a tower that not only offers an obstructed view of the vines, but also represents the visionary approach that made them one of the most modern wineries in the region. Also, the Soldati name is quite fitting for this army of winemakers who have been soldiering on for generations.

Most memorable wine-tasting experience

“We were overcome with excitement when we had the chance to try a bottle of the historic 1989 Gavi dei Gavi La Scolca. The winery’s artisans really put their knowledge to use and made bold choices, and the result is a wine with balanced acidity and minerality, a lingering palate of sweetness and fruit.” — Chiara Soldati