Les Cordeliers



Region of production



Crémant de Bordeaux




Temperate oceanic

Soil composition

Clay-limestone and clay-loam




Sustainable techniques are prioritized

Production Volume

40,000 bottles of Crémant de Bordeaux AC Brut Blanc Prestige Les Cordeliers were produced in 2015

Varieties Grown

Cabernet Franc , Merlot

Ages of Vines


Behind the Wines

Philippe Daguisy

After working in Alsace and the United States, Philippe Daguisy finally settled in the Drôme area. Today, as the winery’s oenologist, he works closely with the technical director and cellar masters to develop the Jaillance brand of wines (owned by Les Cordeliers) and give them their unique characteristics.

In the heart of a medieval city

Curious minds with a penchant for sparking wines will not be disappointed by a trip to Bordeaux. The lovely Crémant produced in this charming setting is as good as the Alsace versions that are more well-known on our side of the Atlantic.  

When past and present meet

On a site that boasts eight centuries of history, Les Cordeliers makes and sells sparkling whites and rosés grown in the Entre-deux-Mers region. An organic Crémant de Bordeaux AC Blanc Les Cordeliers is currently in the works.

From picturesque ruins…

The Cordeliers cloister gets its name from its first occupants, Franciscan monks whose characteristic wool robes were cinched at the waist with rope belts. Located in the heart of the Medieval city of Saint-Émilion, in Gironde, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is definitely one of the nicest we’ve had the chance to visit.

…to practical tunnels

In 1892, the owners of the property (which had long been out of the hands of the Cordeliers) decided to use the city’s underground cellars to make and age its wines using traditional methods. The three-kilometer tunnels dug during the Middle Ages (when Saint-Émilion was first built) create winding paths underneath the city and the surrounding vineyards, eventually leading to underground cellars. Located 20 metres below the surface, they are totally dark and remain at a constant temperature of 12°C—the perfect conditions, even today, for aging and storing Les Cordeliers sparkling wines.

Our visit to Les Cordeliers

We travelled to Bordeaux in April 2016 to participate in the annual Semaine des Primeurs event, where professionals come to get a sneak preview of the latest vintages. During our stop at Les Cordeliers, we were not only charmed by the magnificent site and the warm welcome we received, but also by the fabulous Crémants, which met and exceeded our expectations.

Most memorable wine-tasting experience

“Opening a 2007 Semillon. After eight years of cellaring, it had incredible elegance and finesse.” — Philippe Daguisy