Marimar Estate



Region of production

Sonoma County


First vines planted in 1986; winery completed in 1992.


Mediterranean, with cooling morning fog.

Soil composition

Light, well drained sandy loam (Goldridge Series)


261 acres owned; 80 acres planted.


261 acres owned; 80 acres planted.

Production Volume

Varieties Grown

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir , Syrah, Tempranillo Noir

Ages of Vines

From 10 to 30 years-old

Behind the Wines

Marimar Torres

In 1975, Marimar Torres, of the Torres winemaking dynasty, moved to the USA to promote her family’s Spanish wines. Ten years later, her dream of making top quality Californian wine came true. The Sonoma-based Marimar Estate is truly a family affair. The winery’s top Pinot Noir is named after Marimar’s daughter Cristina. Even Marimar’s two dogs, Chico and Bonita, have their role to play as winery mascots. Marimar Torres is a woman of many talents. She holds a degree in Business and Economics, speaks 6 languages, and is the author of two highly regarded cookbooks: “The Spanish Table” and “The Catalan Country Kitchen”.

Spain meets California

Marimar Estate began as a passion project. After carefully analysing the region’s vineyards, Marimar Torres settled in the cool Russian River Valley. She self-financed her initial vineyard purchase and made the wines at an outside facility. It wasn’t until Marimar’s family tasted her first Chardonnay that they fully understood the tremendous potential of her Californian pursuit.

“We grow grapes the way they do in Europe… The high density reduces vigour…the grapes have greater concentration of flavour and better balance. They simply taste better”. – Marimar Torres

Cool Climate California

The vineyards of Marimar Estate are located in some of the coolest appellations of Northern California. The Don Miguel Vineyard lies in the Green Valley sub-zone of the Russian River Valley. The chilling early morning fog is particularly dense here. The Doña Margarita Vineyard, in Sonoma Coast, sits just seven miles from the Pacific Ocean.

European Savoir-Faire

One of the secrets to Marimar Estate’s rich, refined style lies in its rigorous vineyard management. Vines are planted at four times the density usually seen in California to lower yields and concentrate fruit flavours. Vertical trellises are used to maximize sun exposure and fruit aeration. Hedging, leaf pulling, and shoot thinning are all practiced to further aide in grape ripening. Grape clusters hang low to the ground to absorb the warmth of the earth.

Sustainable Success

While Marimar Estates was certified sustainable in 2017, the vineyards have been farmed using organic and biodynamic growing methods since 2003. This long-term commitment to eradicating chemical entrants has led to far healthier, higher quality grapes. According to Marimar Torres, the improvement in grape flavours, combined with the benefits to the environment, her vineyard workers, and her customers, make sustainability a winning strategy.

Perfect Food & Wine Pairings

Finding the ideal dish to compliment the fine wines of Marimar Estate is easy with a culinary expert like Marimar Torres at the helm. Her Spanish-themed cook books offer scores of delicious recipes. Marimar recommends serving her citrus, spice infused Pato con Higos (Duck Breast with Figs) with the estate’s flagship “Cristina” Pinot Noir.