Patz & Hall



Region of production

Sonoma County


Russian River Valley
Sonoma Coast




Mediterranean, strongly influenced by ocean currents (early morning fog) and rolling hills, resulting in diverse microclimates and a large diurnal temperature variation.

Soil composition

Clay, sand or volcanic, depending on the plot. Gravel in places.


Grapes are sourced from several hundred hectares; the winery owns a few dozen hectares


Biodynamic and organic

Production Volume

40,000 cases or 480,000 bottles per year
50 % Chardonnay and
50 % Pinot Noir

Varieties Grown

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Ages of Vines

Between 15 and 50 years

Behind the Wines

James Hall

James discovered the world of fine wines on a trip to Europe in the late 1960s. He began studying wine growing and œnology a few years later, and by 1983 he had become a vintner. All this led him to found Patz & Hall with three other partners. Today, he is recognized for his expertise and gives talks on traditional wine-making methods.

The best grapes in Sonoma and Napa

“We’re honoured to represent Patz & Hall, a true icon of Pinot Noir. When Robert Patz visited Montréal, we were equally charmed by his personality and his wines. We were pleasantly surprised by the white plot selections, like Dutton Ranch, which combines power, tension and elegance. A smashing success!”
— Pierre-Adrien Fleurant, Managing Director, Galleon Wines

A company built on friendship

The Patz & Hall story is one of friendship, the kind that warms our hearts at Galleon. It’s the coming together of two professionals – Patz, the sales manager, and Hall, the winemaker – and their shared philosophy about wine. They have also developed close friendships with the Sonoma and Napa growers who have been their loyal business partners for nearly 30 years.

Small vineyards, great wines

For Patz & Hall, there’s just one way to make great wine: it’s a matter of selecting the best grapes from the most exceptional plots. Over the years, the company has forged strong relationships built on trust and friendship with small-scale independent growers and select family estates that only use traditional methods to grow Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Impressive names in red…

Each lot of Patz & Hall wine bears the name of its originating vineyard, just as each Burgundy wine displays the name of its plot. These include some very prestigious names, evidence that Patz & Hall only works with the best. Look for

Larry Hyde, the local legend acclaimed by Wine Spectator who created the celebrated Hyde-Calera Pinot Noir. There’s also Charlie Chenoweth, the remarkable winegrower who supervised the vine planting (Dijon clones) at Jenkins Ranch, a former apple orchard now dedicated to Pinot Noir. The wines produced here are known for their exceptional balance of concentration and complexity.

…and white

Say the Dutton name and you’ll immediately be taken to one of the most prestigious vineyards in Sonoma. Founded in 1969 and managed according to the traditional family model, this estate provides Patz & Hall with grapes grown on different types of old Chardonnay vines. Dutton Ranch’s 2014 Russian River Valley Chardonnay releases aromas of white flowers and jasmine, elevated by notes of mango, papaya and green apple. This deeply textured wine reveals the charm and complexity of its vines, which are some of the oldest in the county.