Peter Lehmann



Region of production



Barossa Valley, Eden Valley





Soil composition

Rich soil diversity, from low vigour clay loam to sandy soils


Grape sourcing from a close community of long-time grower partners


Sustainable viticulture

Production Volume


Varieties Grown

Cabernet Sauvignon , Chardonnay, Grenache Noir , Riesling, Semillon, Syrah

Ages of Vines

Over 35 years on average (up to 125 years-old)

Behind the Wines

Peter Lehmann

Due to the great fruit surplus of 1977, the winery Peter worked for cancelled a number of agreements with long-term growers. Peter knew this would be detrimental to the growers and the future of the whole wine region would be compromised. Doing business on a handshake, and with his word as his bond, Peter led the charge. He took the grapes himself and agreed to sell the wine on a “pay now and we’ll deliver in two years” arrangement called ‘The Futures’. This raised enough money to buy the growers’ fruit and process it into what became the first ever vintage of Peter Lehmann wine.

The best of Barossa

Located in South Australia, approximately 70 kilometres north-east of Adelaide, Barossa enjoys a vital culture of generational winemaking, pioneering European influence, and exceptional old vine terroirs. The wines of Peter Lehmann epitomize the outstanding quality for which Barossa is famous.

Optimal Grape Growing Conditions

The Barossa region consists of the Barossa and Eden Valleys. The Barossa Valley is warm and dry, with long daily sunshine hours; the ideal climate for making full flavoured, robust Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Eden Valley is higher in altitude. The cooler temperatures allow for excellent acid retention; the key to Peter Lehmann’s sleek, racy Rieslings.

A Treasure Trove of Old Vines

The Barossa Valley is home to some of the oldest grape vines in the world. At well over 100 years in age, these venerable plantings give minute quantities of grapes revered for their highly concentrated, complex flavours. Peter Lehmann’s pinnacle wine “Stonewall Shiraz” is a testament to these noble vineyards.

“In winter, pruned vineyards expose a bare landscape, with cool mists greeting the first rays of sunshine; in summer the vines provide a verdant green contrast to golden paddocks; the setting sun giving off a warm and amber glow”.

– Peter Lehmann Winery (on the unique beauty of Barossa)

A Dynamic Grape Growing Community

Working closely with over 140 growers that have worked with Peter Lehmann Wines for many generations, the quality of Peter Lehmann wines are a testament to the strong relationships forged, allowing us access to the regions most unique and finest fruit.

Each year, they honour these valued partners at their Grower’s Day event. Another long-held tradition takes place during harvest. When the growers arrive to deliver their grapes, they are greeted with refreshments to restore their energy after a hard day’s harvest.

A Culinary Delight

Barossa is renowned for its gastronomic excellence. With mixed British and German roots, and the subsequent arrival of settlers from across the globe, the cuisine is varied and flavourful. At the Peter Lehmann cellar door, the crisp, honeyed Wigan Riesling pairs beautifully with their gourmet antipasto ‘Weighbridge’ platter of local cheeses and charcuterie.