Fontanafredda, La Scolca

Known for its sublime ruby-robed reds

The Piedmont region is tucked up in northern Italy, where the Alps dominate the landscape. The Po River flows from here, and countless streams running through the region produce humidity in the fall, engulfing the hills with thick fog known locally as nebbia. Nearly all of the region’s 60,000 hectares of winegrowing land are on hillsides. The vines are an integral part of the landscape.

The Piedmont region is home to the highest concentration of DOCG wines on the peninsula. Annual production is 3 million hectolitres. As with all of Italy, red wine dominates—here it makes up 65% of all vines. The indigenous varieties grown here have excellent quality potential. Nebbiolo is used to make Barolo and Barbaresco, some of the country’s best wines. Meanwhile, Dolcetto is appreciated for its full body and Brachetto produces aromatic sparkling reds known as Brachetto d’Acqui. Freisa, which is making a comeback, as well as Grignolo are also part of this range of varieties used to create some of the country’s other reds. Finally, Barbera, always a favourite, occupies nearly half of all Piedmontese vineyards.  

Even though the Piedmont region is known for its sublime ruby-robed reds, it also proudly produces sparkling wine and d’Asti, a sweet white that often graces family get-togethers. Bottles are enthusiastically uncorked to accompany the dolce.