Grape Variety

Pinot Gris






Originally from Burgundy

Pinot Gris (formerly known as Tokay-Pinot-Gris or Tokay) is characterized by small clusters of little grapes.This noble and generous variety has earned its renown in Alsace, where it is grown on 1,760 hectares. Its yields vary from year to year, and it thrives on limestone and clay soils. Featuring a golden yellow colour, it makes wines which are powerful and dense, with a lovely long finish. The grapes are harvested and vinified late in the season for spectacular results. As the grey version of Pinot Noir, it is very likely that this grape originated in Burgundy. However, unlike Alsace, this region does not produce 100% Pinot Gris wines. It offers finesse, with good alcohol content potential.

Source: Vin-Vigne