Grape Variety

Pinot Noir



The noble Burgundian grape

How far this ancient, mysterious and complex grape variety has come since its humble beginnings in Burgundy! A true shapeshifter, its character changes dramatically depending on the terroir, producing wines that can be very dense or very delicate.

The grapes grow in small clusters and are almost black in colour… and looks truly can be deceiving since the juice is clear, so much so that in can be made into white wine. But to make it into a red with a garnet colour and violet highlights, the grapes need to soak with their delicate skins. The nose alternates between citrus and blackberry aromas, with delicate spicy and deep-forest notes. On the palate, it expresses itself in more was than we can name here.

Pinot Noir is happiest when grown in a Continental climate. Traditionally associated with Burgundy, where it rules the roost, it’s also the sole red grape variety authorized in Alsace, produces fine wines in New Zealand, and grows very well in Ontario and in Oregon. Join us in discovering this most globe-trotting of grapes…