Poggio al Tesoro



Region of production



Bolgheri Superiore, Bolgheri and Toscana




Mediterranean, with abundant sun

Soil composition

Primarily clay-based soil with some sandy loam, red sand and gravel, as well as high concentrations of iron and magnesium in some plots


70 hectares used for production in four vineyards



Production Volume

216,000 bottles;
75% reds;
25% whites

Varieties Grown

Cabernet Franc , Cabernet Sauvignon , Merlot, Syrah, Vermentino

Ages of Vines

15 years, on average

Behind the Wines

Marilisa Allegrini

Marilisa comes from a family of winegrowers that have worked in the Valpolicella region since the 16th century. As CEO of Allegrini, she’s the sixth generation at the company. She founded Poggio al Tesoro with her brother Walter, a man with a true passion for the Bolgheri terroir.

Hill of treasure

The Poggio al Tesoro estate has four separate vineyards, all of which are within walking distance of one another. This human-scale outfit is nothing short of the Garden of Eden.

For the generations to come

Poggio al Tesoro, which literally means “hill of treasure,” was founded by Marilisa and her brother Walter. The estate’s name refers to the incredible potential of its geographic location and exceptional terroir. “We realized that this place would be an incredible asset to pass down to our descendants. The land is a true treasure,” says Marilisa. 

Welcome to paradise

Tuscany is already well known for its stunning landscape and outstanding terroirs, but the Bolgheri area is in a class unto itself. They say that Poggio al Tesoro’s vines are located in the region’s sunniest spot. In addition, the estate enjoys a steady breeze blowing off the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea and is protected from changes in climate by the hills of Castagneto Carducci village.

A dear treasure

For the estate’s founder, sustainable agriculture was an obvious choice. “We have the responsibility to preserve this little hillside oasis so that we can leave it to our children, who will in turn become its stewards.” Every year, agriculture students are invited to Poggio al Tesoro to see the growing methods used at the estate. “These practices also reduce our carbon footprint, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.”

Sumptuous Super Tuscans

The estate’s most important Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon vines passed the quarter-century mark several years ago. The cellar is dedicated to red wines that skillfully combine maturity with richness and complexity with elegance—just as you’d expect from remarkable Super Tuscans. This masterful balance can be credited to the estate’s talented winemakers, Luce d’Attoma and Lorenzo Fortini.

In memory of Walter

The Le Grottine vineyard is a particularly meaningful place for Marilisa and her family. There’s a chapel on site that was a favourite with Walter, who passed away in 2003. This is also where he identified the perfect soil for growing Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, the Cabernet Franc grown here is used for Dedicated to Walter, a special vintage that we represent. “I had the privilege of seeing his enthusiasm first-hand and helping make his dream come true; I think he’d be very pleased to see what we’ve accomplished since he left us.” 

One wine, so much emotion

The 2008 Sondraia brings back great memories for all of us,” says Marilisa. “I knew it was special when we bottled it, and my suspicions were confirmed a few months later when Wine Spectator listed it in their Top 100. After five years of work, getting this recognition was a wonderful feeling.”