Region of production



Rioja, Rueda, Ribera del Duero


Partnership launched with 2010 vintage reds


High altitude plantings provide cooling influences to these sunny continental regions.

Soil composition

Rioja Alavesa: mainly calcareous clay Ribera del Duero: low-yielding calcareous soils rich in limestone Rueda: alluvial terraces with pockets of limestone


Sustainable precision viticulture

Production Volume

800 000 bottles

Varieties Grown

Merlot, Tempranillo Noir ,

Ages of Vines

35 – 40 years old on average

Behind the Wines

Michel Rolland

French winemaker and consultant Michel Rolland is famous for his skill in crafting elegant, seductive Bordeaux wines. His passion for fine wine terroir has taken him around the world, setting up joint ventures in South Africa and Argentina along the way. Spain long intrigued Michel. “The addition of different landscapes is one of the things I love most about this country. I also admire the incredibly diverse geography that is expressed in so many singular wines; wines that show great potential.” It was this potential that led Michel and partner Javier Galarreta to seek out grapes from superior, old vine sites in Rioja Alavesa, Ribera del Duero, and Rueda for their Rolland & Galarreta wines.


In 2010, renowned French oenologist Michel Rolland joined forces with Javier Galarreta, one of the driving forces behind the reputed Rioja wine producer Araex. They shared a common vision: to craft fine Spanish wines from a range of exceptional terroirs. Their aim was to bring these wines to the international market, offering impeccable quality and great value to draw a new generation of wine lovers to Spain.

“Ours is a collaboration between two cultures, France and Spain, with one vision: to create elegant wines that offer the quality and value, depth and breadth of what Spain can offer to the world,” - Javier Galarreta

A Marriage of Two Cultures

According to Javier Galarreta, the Rolland & Galarreta range is the result of “a dialogue between two cultures”. The two partners are a perfect fit, with Michel Rolland bringing his wealth of fine winemaking experience, and Javier Galarreta supplying his knowledge of top Spanish vineyards and his access to international markets.

Singular Terroir

Michel Rolland is a firm believer that fine wine can only be made from high quality grapes grown in vineyards that bestow a sense of place. Rolland & Galaretta’s old vine Verdejo is sourced from vineyards at 700 metres altitude surrounding the village of La Seca. The poor rocky soils here are laced with pockets of limestone that impart lovely minerality and freshness to the wine. The grapes for Rolland & Galarreta’s Ribera del Duero and Rioja cuvées are also grown at high altitudes, where varying micro-climates bring balance and complexity.

Precision Viticulture

Rolland & Galarreta employ precision viticulture techniques in many of the vineyards from which their grapes are sourced. This practice consists of carefully monitoring vine health, soil conditions, and weather patterns to ensure that each intervention (such as treating against pests and diseases, pruning, applying fertilizers, determining harvest dates) is performed optimally. State-of-the-art technology like GPS, weather stations, and soil sensors are used. These tools allow them to reduce the impact of climate change, improve soil vitality, and lower their carbon footprint. Moreover, the aromatic and flavour complexity of their grapes has significantly increased using these methods.

International Dimension

Rolland & Galarreta strive not only to craft top quality Spanish wine reflective of their roots, but also to ensure that they appeal to wine lovers around the globe. Their mission is to make wine to “travel the world and conquer palates”. The Rolland & Galarreta range is seductive, with vibrant fruit, great structure, and a rounded mouthfeel