Roquette & Cazes



Region of production






Soil composition

Schiste et granite


Environ 130 hectares répartis en deux emplacements, présentement en cours de replantaison.



Production Volume

67 000 bouteilles. Rouge uniquement.

Varieties Grown

Ages of Vines

13 ans en moyenne

Behind the Wines

Jorge Roquette and Jean-Michel Cazes

In 2002, good friends Jorge Roquette, of Quinta do Crasto, and Jean-Michel Cazes, of Château Lynch-Bages, decided to partner on a new winemaking venture. Jorge’s passion for the steep schist slopes of the Douro, coupled with the Cazes family’s wealth of experience producing cru classé Bordeaux for over a century, make for an exciting collaboration. The result? Beautifully poised, elegant Douro red wines true to their terroir.

A tale of two vineyards

The wines of Roquette & Cazes combine the finesse of top Bordeaux, with the power and intensity of the Douro Valley. The team’s profound respect for the terroir, and for the typicity of the indigenous grapes, shines through in their elegant wines. The estate is sustainably farmed, and managed by the Douro and Bordeaux winemaking teams.

 “An exceptional wine that I am proud to produce…which combines the vinification ancestral expertise of the Cazes family and our knowledge of this land. The result is unique.”   - Jorge Roquette

Bordeaux meets Douro

First and foremost, Roquette & Cazes wanted to ensure that their wines were truly representative of the Douro. This was no easy feat with two different winemaking teams living 1000km apart and speaking two different languages! Despite these challenges, winemakers, Manuel Lobo of Quinta do Crasto, and Daniel Llose of Lynch-Bages, have found their equilibrium, meeting regularly in the vineyards from véraison to harvest to control grape quality.

The Best of Traditional and Modern Viticulture

The Douro Valley is unique. The vineyards are planted on terraces carved out of vertiginous slopes. The rugged terrain makes hand harvesting necessary, which means the oldest plots are treated with great care. A drip irrigation system and a private weather station were installed to allow for precise control of vine health and maturation in this hot, arid vineyard.

Unique Winemaking Practices

In order to conserve, yet seamlessly integrate the Douro characteristics, a customized winemaking system was put in place. It includes a gentle pumping over process and long maceration period which results in intense and elegant wines, with fine structure and personality, deeply marked by the “terroir”.  Wine maturation matches that of fine Bordeaux, with extended ageing in a high percentage of new French oak barrels.