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It gives exceptional dry whites with low acidity

Semillon Blanc is a white variety originally from Bordeaux characterized by large clusters of large grapes. Even though Semillon Blanc was already being grown in the vineyards of Sauternes in the 17th century, it would appear that this variety has its origins in Bordeaux, where it represents 55% of the whites and covers some 8,500 hectares. It is present in 70% of vineyards that produce sweet wines. In the Sauternais area, this amount is as high as 90%, and dips to 40% in vineyards that produce dry whites. This variety is largely behind the outstanding reputation that sweet wines enjoy, primarily due to its sensitivity to grey rot… which becomes beneficial when it turns into noble rot. It is often blended with Sauvignon.

Source: Vin-Vigne

Photo: By Megan Mallen