Spring Valley Vineyard



Region of production



Walla Walla




Arid, with cool mountain currents

Soil composition

Deep clay-limestone silt that retains moisture


44 hectares used for production



Production Volume

60,000 bottles; 99.9% reds

Varieties Grown

Cabernet Franc , Cabernet Sauvignon , Malbec, Merlot, Syrah, Viognier

Ages of Vines

13 to 26 years, on average

Behind the Wines

Serge Laville

Originally from the Rhone Valley, Serge Laville was introduced to wines by his grandfather, a true connoisseur. He went on to study oenology and travelled to Spring Valley in 2002 as a wine tourist with a camera slung around his neck. Serge quickly fell in love with the region and decided to stay. He has been the winemaker at the Corkrum-Derby estate since 2004.

Vines in the desert

It may not be a real desert, but it certainly looks like one. In the Walla Walla Valley, wheat rules the landscape. The golden expanse is broken by an oasis of luxuriant vines that produce wines of rare elegance. Welcome to Spring Valley.

Love-struck in the desert

We drove more than an hour through this desert-like environment before we finally came upon the ranch. Located at the foot of a hill, it’s a unique place with incredible contrasts that instantly captured our hearts. We immediately understood why Serge Laville, who originally came to visit his friend Devin Corkrum in 2000, wanted to stay here permanently.

The Corkrum-Derby family: Farmers of the Far West

The family has been living in the region since 1865, farming their rolling land for generations. In 1993, they converted their fields into vineyards—a wise move made by Dean Derby and his wife Shari, who is the granddaughter of Uriah Corkrum, the man who founded the Spring Valley ranch, as it is still known today.

All in the family

Family and tradition are central to the way these new winegrowers operate. The estate’s first wine, a Merlot blend, was crafted by Devin, who named it Uriah after his great-grandfather. Since then, every wine extracted from the family land has been named after a member of the family: Nina Lee, Frederick, Katherine, etc.


At Spring Valley, traditional methods are used as much as possible. Each cluster is handled with great care and the vines are delicately surrounded with soil before the onset of winter to protect them from the cold as they await spring’s return to the valley.

Fine and authentic

Generally, hot-weather wine regions produce opulent, powerful reds. Those made at Spring Valley are fine and elegant, with an Old World signature that can be attributed to Serge. It’s especially noticeable in the Merlots and Cabernets. There’s no lab in the wine cellar, and no additives are used—authenticity has the last word here.