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A typical Syrah opens with notes of blackberry, violets and spice

Syrah is a natural cross of the Dureza and Mondeuse varieties, both originally from Dauphiné (France). The prized Syrah grape is behind most of the wine produced in the Rhône Valley, and its popularity has recently spread to the Midi-Pyrénées region. Wine produced from Syrah grapes is usually full-bodied, complex, dark and intense with bluish tones. Syrahs are easily recognizable due to their complex aromatic notes and their powerful yet silky-smooth tannic structure.
Syrah is also known as Marsanne Noire, Plant de la Biaun, Schiras, Schiraz, Damas Noir du Puy de Dôme and Marzane Noire, to name but a few.

Source: Vins du Sud-Ouest de la FranceVin-Vigne

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