We offer our customers privileged access to exceptional wines and foster relationships of trust with our partner producers based on the same values.

Solid credibility

GALLEON is supported by Dandurand Group, the largest Canadian family-run agency/importer in the alcoholic beverages and cannabis business in Canada with half a century of heritage. Our team is made up of well-established professionals with a broad network of contacts throughout the wine industry.

About Galleon

A galleon is a type of 17th-century commercial sailing ship which plied the seas with treasure in its holds. Our name evokes these seagoing vessels and their valuable bounty… in this case, the finest wines in the world for us to discover.

An exclusive selection

GALLEON is defined by a bold spirit that impacts the way we approach the market and select products for our portfolio. We hand-pick the producers we represent, with quality and authenticity as our main criteria. Our promise to wine lovers is to offer enjoyment and new discoveries through our unique insights into the world of wine.