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Château Angélus

Unrivaled Excellence in St. Émilion

The vineyards of Château Angélus form a natural amphitheatre, giving gentle slopes with excellent drainage and ideal orientation. The diverse mix of sand, clay and limestone soils, coupled with a temperate climate, allow Merlot and Cabernet Franc - an increasingly important component of Château Angélus blends – to thrive.

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A variety for each plot

The Caiarossa estate is located in Riparbella, which is in the Cecina Valley, in the heart of Tuscany. This region boasts a rich historical and archeological heritage, as well as an exceptional landscape with an ecosystem that's almost completely intact. Caiarossa wines embody the richness of Tuscany's natural setting.

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The best wine regions of the world

Loire Valley

Produces one of the richest and most comprehensive selection of wines

With its great diversity in terroir, soil composition and climate, this region produces one of the richest and most comprehensive selection of wines: reds, whites and rosés, still and sparkling, dry or sweet.

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Pinot Noir

The noble Burgundian grape

How far this ancient, mysterious and complex grape variety has come since its humble beginnings in Burgundy! A true shapeshifter, its character changes dramatically depending on the terroir, producing wines that can be very dense or very delicate.

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